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Take advantage of a drought & high beef prices to double your herd

For many farmers and ranchers, a prolonged drought is a signal to either reduce or eliminate their livestock herd due to the scarcity and high cost of feed.

However it may be quite feasible to expand your herd by moving your pasture indoors and picking up livestock at lower cost from farmers/ranchers who are reducing their herd.

A Livestock Feed Sprouter system inside a 20 foot x 48 foot building can produce 2000 pounds of highly nutritious fresh green grass sprouts daily which will feed 100 full grown cattle or houses. Units are also available from 25 pounds daily (good for 1 horse or cow or equivalent) on up to Multi-Ton units.


SRF-AFS-115a These fresh green grass mats are also very good for hogs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, alpacas, llamas, deer, etc. A 1200 square foot building or unit can provide the same or better nutritional feed for livestock than 200 plus acres of pastures.

It will require 2 – 2.5 pounds of grain daily for each full grown horse or cow plus a small amount of low quality hay or straw for the roughage needed by the livestock’s digestive system.

1 pound of grain at approximately 30% nutritional value becomes 8 pounds of sprouts at approximately 80% nutritional value. The tender, moist, easily digestible and highly nutritious green grass is better for livestock than grain and hay.

Growing sprouts uses up to 99% less land, 98% less water, & 50% less energy than conventional farming practices, all while reducing transportation costs in feed.

Feeding Fodder Sprouts to Beef Cows

Fresh sprouts grown in a Fodder system offer nutritional advantages for beef cattle. Fodder sprouts enable the digestive system of ruminants to process food much more efficiently than grain. Growing sprouts in a Fodder system gives access to fresh grass year round regardless of the weather.

Feeding sprouts to beef cows offers benefits including:

• Fast, natural weight gain

• Helps to drought proof a farm

• Produce a consistent feed for consistent flavor

• Increase enzymatic activity in cows

• Reduce feed costs

• Natural hormones, amino acids, omega 3, beta-carotenes, and other beneficial substances

Advantages Feeding Sprouts

Feeding sprouts to beef cattle has been observed to cause:

• Better marbling in meat

• Increased fertility rates

• Improved coat shine and body condition

• Excellent herd health and well being

• Decreased mortality rates

Obviously the same advantages of feeding sprouts vs grain or ground feed apply to all other grazing livestock also.

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Sprouts: A very nutritious and economical feed for all grazing livestock, especially the sick and elderly.

SRF-Sprouts-Horses36-8 day old fresh green grass sprout fodder is a very nutritious and economical feed for all grazing animals including horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, rabbits, zebras, etc. for the following reasons:

  • The tender young sprouts are very easy for all livestock, including sick or old livestock to eat.
  • The hard shell surrounding most grain is gone
  • The enzyme inhibitor present in all grains is gone
  • Sprouts are at their height of nutritional value at this stage

Feeding barley fodder offers these benefits to livestock:

  • Reduced occurrence of digestive diseases, such as colic and bloat
  • Stimulated immune system
  • Naturally balanced with essential nutrients
  • High in fiber, energy and protein
  • Rich in enzymes
  • Low acid content
  • Highly digestible

The benefits of sprouting apply to all grains, not just wheat.   As with any new feed, we recommend starting off slowly and gradually increasing the amount fed as the livestock become accustomed to it.

The enzyme inhibitor present in all grains is removed during the sprouting process which removes it as a negative influence during the digestive process, eliminating it from its original purposes:

  • protect the enzyme from being contaminated before sprouting
  • to ensure that some of the grain survives the livestock’s digestive system to fall to ground and grow in a different location.

Fresh fodder sprouts are more digestible than hay and the nutrients are more readily available.  Two pounds of grain at 30% digestibility become 14 pounds of sprouts at 80% digestibility.

While sprout fodder is very good for all livestock, it is an especially good feed source for rescued or elderly horses or other livestock.

“Sprouted Grain: Benefits

Sprouted grain differs from whole grain in three fundamental aspects:

1) sprouting activates food enzymes;

2) sprouting increases vitamin content, and

3) sprouting neutralizes antinutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them.  When examining the nutrient density of sprouted wheat to unsprouted wheat on a calorie-per-calorie basis, you’ll find that sprouted wheat contains four times the amount of niacin and nearly twice the amount of vitamin B6 and folate as unsprouted wheat; moreover, it contains more protein and fewer starches than non-sprouted grain and as a further boon, it is lower on the glycemic index making it more suitable for those suffering from blood sugar issues.”

A Livestock Fodder Sprouter inside a 1200 square foot building can produce as much fresh green grass feed as 200 acres of pasture.  So regardless of whether you are experiencing a drought, blizzard, cold, rain, snow, or blazing dry heat, you can produce nutritious livestock feed all year around.

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Drought or coldweather resistant Livestock Feed Systems

Horse, cattle or other livestock feed becomes more critical and expensive during prolonged droughts, snow cover, cold weather, insect invasion or overgrazing.   These systems produce high quality livestock feed daily, all year around.

Produce up to a ton or more of green grass sprouts daily for your horse feed, cattle feed, hog feed, goat feed, sheep feed, chicken feed, turkey feed, deer or zebras inside the comfort of a shed regardless of your local weather or climate conditions.

Very easy to operate – just add seeds and water.

Horses enjoying green grass sprouts

Stop being dependent upon weather or climate conditions by supplying Spring quality green grass daily year around regardless of your geographic location or season.   This freshly sprouted green grass is soft, moist, very nutritious, easy to handle and readily devoured by livestock.

Livestock enjoy spring pasture with its new sprouted tender green grass.  The Farm feed sprouter produces the same fresh green grass year around.  Customers have told us that their livestock come running when they see the truck or trailer approaching with these green grass mats.

Two pounds of Barley, wheat, oats, etc. grain at about 30% digestibility becomes 15 pounds of green grass sprouts at about 80% digestibility.  Each kernel of grain contains a starter germ, nutrition for about 6 days, an enzyme inhibitor and a hard shell for protection.

The nutrition gives the starter germ a boost so that it can grow enough to start picking up nutrition from the surrounding earth.

The enzyme inhibitor helps keep the starter germ pure until water from the planting soil starts the seed growing.  This enzyme inhibitor is eliminated either inside the livestock’s stomach if the grain is eaten or during the sprouting process before it is eaten by the livestock if the grain is sprouted before eating.

The hard shell protects the seed during storage but then must be broken up either by chewing or during the digestion process.  This hard shell can be hard for older livestock or livestock with sore mouths to eat.  Some customers purchase the sprouter units specifically to help their sick or older livestock enjoy longer and heathier lives.

A livestock feed sprouter makes you independent of the climate conditions outside.   You can even handle more livestock in your pasture fields by turning your pasture land into an exercise and nibbling area rather than having to provide a major portion of their feed supply.

Any grazing animal will enjoy and benefit from these home-grown green grass sprouts.  Horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, chickens, zebras, etc.

Farm feed sprouters are available in sizes from 2 horses on up to thousands of  horses or cattle.  Sprouts take from six to eight days to grow from seed to sprouts ready to feed.

Two sprouter options are available:
SRF-AFS 16-24 (2)1.  An Alternative Feed System unit that is self-contained in a UHaul like trailer type unit without wheels which is designed to be placed inside one of your buildings.

This is a plug and play system that just needs to be plugged into a 30 amp 110v 60 hertz electric circuit, add a water hose and grain.

These units will produce highly nutritious feed at a per-pound cost of $.03 – $.06 cents. Additionally, dependence upon rain or soil moisture content is eliminated as this unit is a controlled growing environment.

The user puts seeds into the trays, turns on the system and around six days later harvests lush green “mats”, weigh 15 – 16 pounds, look like sod grown for lawns but without any dirt attached and are packed with nutrition.  15 – 16 pounds of this sprout mat will feed a normal 1100 pound horse or cow for one day.

100% Mold Free System

2.  A 100% No-Mold Guaranteed unit that is built on your location for optimum comfort, efficiency and processing.

The system is placed inside an air conditioned / heated building with controls designed for efficient operation.  With the EZ2000 unit, you can feed 2000 pounds of fresh green grass sprouts daily with just 30 minutes of effort.  250, 500,750 and 1000 pounds per day units available.

You can reduce livestock feeding costs significantly while providing tender green grass mats that are higher quality feed than the grain used as seed.   One pound of 30% digestible seed grows into about 8 pounds of 80% digestible sprouts in 6-7 days.

The sprout mats can be easily cut to provide more or less green grass depending upon the size and activity of your livestock. Even the hay for roughage will be significantly reduced providing additional savings.

For more information visit my http://shop.hydroponicsfarming.com/Sprouters_c38.htm website

Grow tons of mold free livestock feed indoors daily

Mold and Mildew free

Mold and mildew are always present in feed systems.  This system is the only Livestock sprouter system designed and guaranteed to prevent mold and mildew without harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Livestock Feed Sprouts

* Eliminate worries about weather, climate, drought or insects destroying or reducing your pasture fields.

* Provide Spring season quality green grass sprouts year around in the comfort of a building that replaces acres of weather dependent pasture land.

* Horses particularly will eat the tender grass sprouts in pastures almost down to the roots while leaving the taller, tougher grass to continue growing resulting in an eventual degradation of the pasture land unless remedial actions are taken.

* Or conversely, some farmers have increased the number of livestock that they can carry on their existing feedlot and pasture land because the pasture is only needed for grazing and exercise and not as a vital portion of the livestock’s daily nutritional requirement.

You can reduce livestock feeding costs significantly while providing tender green grass mats that are higher quality feed than the grain used as seed. One pound of 30% digestible seed grows into about 8 pounds of 80% digestible sprouts in 6-7 days. 16 – 18 pounds of this sprout mat will feed a normal 1100 pound horse or cow for one day.

The sprout mats can be easily cut to provide more or less green grass depending upon the size and activity of your livestock. Even the hay for roughage will be significantly reduced providing additional savings.

  • One 16-18 pound sprout mat will feed one 1100 pound horse or cow.
  • 100 pounds of sprouts will feed 6-7 1100 pound horses or cattle.
  • One ton of sprouts will feed 125 fully grown horses or cows
  • or 62 milking cows
  • Note: Actual number may vary slightly depending upon size, condition and activity of the animals.

Move your pasture indoors out of the weather. Produce up to several tons of highly nutritious and tender mold free fodder daily for your livestock (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens) inside the comfort of a shed regardless of your local weather or climate.

For more information about this worry free livestock feed production system see my http://shop.hydroponicsfarming.com/FT-Livestock-No-Mold-Sprouter-Systems-11050.htm  website.