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Farm Fodder Sprouters

Horses enjoying fresh green grass sprouts grown hydroponically

Horses enjoying fresh green grass sprouts

Alternative feed system unit configured as a trailer for mobility

Mobile Livestock Fodder Sprouter


Replace 1 – 300 acres of pasture with one unit inside a building for year around pasture.

SRFs Alternative Feed Systems for livestock have been specifically developed to sprout grain and legume seeds for highly nutritious and cost effective livestock feed.   You may already be spending as much or more for feed as it would to purchase one of these units and feed your livestock.

Grow Spring Season Quality Green Grass Indoors Out of the Weather all Year around

Produce up to one ton of highly nutritious and tender Spring season quality green grass daily for your livestock inside the comfort of a shed regardless of your local weather or climate conditions. Any animal that forages will consume the feed produced. For example; Cattle, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Hogs, Chickens, Zebras and other Zoo animals and many more.

Cost and Operation:

SRFs Alternative Feed System units operate on an average power cost of $2 per day. The system uses only .5 to 1.0 gallons of water to produce 2.2 lbs of green grass, whereas conventional growing methods require approximately 21 gallons of water. The irrigation water can be re-used for animal hydration.

These units will produce highly nutritious feed at a per-pound cost of $.03 – $.06 cents. Additionally, dependence upon rain or soil moisture content is eliminated as this unit is a controlled growing environment. Spring pasture quality green grass fodder can be available year around

The feed is harvested in a sprout mat that is completely edible and high in nutrition. The entire process, from seeding of the growing trays to actual fodder feed, takes only six days. Growth is achieved in a totally controlled environment which gives the producer the ability to provide a consistent high nutrient 100 percent organic green feed to their animals regardless of weather or unstable market prices.

Depending on the size of the system purchased, a typical operation takes from only 15 to 60 minutes per day to harvest, clean and seed the AFS unit.

Animals consume all of the biscuit–the roots and the green roughage–so it minimizes waste on feed. You have a highly nutritional feed that’s high in moisture, so there’s a better hydration rate and better nutritional absorption into the bloodstream. It’s easier for the animals to digest.

We recommend feeding the sprouts on day 6 or 7 because that is when the sprout/seed is at it’s optimum nutritional value.

Even better, the AFS requires no pesticides or fertilizers

Feeding: Based on suggested Fodder nutritional data:

Day to day feeding: 1% of animals total body weight per day. For an 800 pound animal you would feed approximately 8 pounds or 1/2 of a biscuit.

Finishing Weight feeding: 3% of animals total body weight per day. For a 1200 pound steer you would feed approximately 36 pounds or 2 biscuits per day.

We also recommend providing about one-half this amount of dry hay to add roughage and improve the nutritional value of each feeding.

Note:  You may already be spending as much money feeding your livestock as it would take for a short period of time to feed your livestock very well and pay for a Livestock sprouter!

1.  Multiply 2 pounds of grain x the number of full size horses or cattle you plan to feed x the $cost of the grain per pound.

2.  Add the cost of hay, 45 gallons of water daily, $1-2 for electricity to get a total daily cost.

3.  Multiply the daily cost x 30 to obtain a monthly cost.

4.  Compare the daily and monthly cost of feeding the high quality fresh green grass sprouts versus your current daily and monthly cost and quality.

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See http://shop.hydroponicsfarming.com/Sprouters_c38.htm